In this tutorial, you will see how to create many lights at once that will work as emitters in Particular (and other plugins like Plexus…) using our CreateParticularLights script.

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22/05/2014: v1.2 Hide and shy source layers added.
20/05/2014: v1.1 Script has been to support shape layers.
2/10/2013: Script has been updated!

  • wil

    Gracias !!! Very useful!!!

  • jmarino

    Unable to run script at line 5. Execution Halted.

    Not sure if anybody else has this problem.

    I am running CS6 on MAC.

    Either way, great work guys!!

  • ds

    anyone tested it on cs6 / mac? is there also a way to make this script work for shape layers?! All the best

  • sootywaro

    I need this Scripts or all free scripts from ypur site…But I can’t download from this link ….Plz help me … plz send me at e-mail …plz.

  • Lorenzo Luca

    doesn’t work on cs6

  • Daniel Tegeland

    Any chance you make this work on cs6?

    • motion boutique

      Works on CS6, what is you issue?

  • Daniel Tegeland

    Sorry my bad. It works.

  • Phoenician

    Where do you keep the script ?

    Scripts folder and Scripts UI Panel, I tried both & still get:
    “Select at least one layer”, but I don’t get the panel with the “Create” button. I’m working in AE CS6 & AE CC

    • motion boutique

      It works on both CC & CS6. Just follow what the script say! It say “Select at least one layer”, so select at least one layer, run the script, bingo. :)
      Yeah we’ve change the way it works sorry…

      • Martin

        I am having the same issues as Phoenician, I also don’t have the “create button” when the script runs. I have tried the Script UI Panel and Script Folder. Tested on both CS6 And CC. No luck. layers are selected when the script runs. I think there is an issue/bug.

        • motion boutique

          The script has been updated, could you give it a try?

          • VJzoo

            I made some shape layers in AE and then applied newton which worked fine but I couldn’t apply this script to the shape layers so I created a solid as a new layer and the script applied to that fine, so no using shape layers I guess :P AE CC and win7

          • duiceburger

            Yes that worked! Tested with Adobe CC! Thanks for the fast fix and update. Really great scripts here on MB! I appreciate your generosity to the AE community.

  • Phoenician

    The create panel does not show !
    I willing to buy this script if it works with AE CC or at least AE Cs6
    & You name your price.

  • Phoenician

    YES , its working now – AE cc
    Thanks for the follow up. Have a nice render

  • Eduardo Ulrich

    Every time i try to use this it creates and erases the emiter layer – AE CC

  • salazar

    hi there.
    it doesnt work in cc
    it creats and erases in 2 seconds.
    any help?

    • motion boutique

      Just tested AE CC, it’s working here.

  • salazar

    i forgot to put the trapcode in the scene : )
    working fine !!!
    i love this free scripts !!!
    thank you very much